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Academic Publications

Toomey, L.M., Papini, M., Lins, B., Wright, A.J., Warnock, A., McGonigle, T., Bartlett, C.A., Hellewell, S.C., Anyaegbu, C., and Fitzgerald, M.

2021  |  Scientific Reports 11(1):1-16

Toomey, L.M., Bartlett, C.A., Gavriel, N., Majimbi, M., Gopalasingam, G., Rodger, J., & Fitzgerald, M. 2019.

2019  |  Scientific Reports 9(1):1-10

Naidu, P.S.R.*, Gavriel, N.*, Gray, C.G.G.*, Bartlett, C.A., Toomey, L.M., Kretzmann, J.A., Patalwala, D., McGonigle, T., Denham, E., Hee, C., Ho, D., Taylor, N.L., Norret, M., Smith, N., Dunlop, S.A., Iyer, K.S., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(25): 22085-22095

* equal contribution

Giacci, M.K., Bartlett, C.A., Smith, N.M., Iyer, S., Toomey, L.M., Jiang, H., Guagliardo, P., Kilburn, M.R., Fitzgerald, M.

2018  |  Journal of Neuroscience 38(29): 6491-6504

Warnock, A.*, Toomey, L.M.*, Wright, A.J., Fisher, K., Won, Y., Anyaegbu, C., &  Fitzgerald, M.

2020  |  Journal of Neurotrauma 37(5): 739-769

* equal contribution

Gopalasingam, G., Bartlett, C., McGonigle, T., Majimbi, M., Warnock, A., Ford, A., Gough, A., Toomey, L.M., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 34:1-8

Toomey, L.M., Bartlett, C.A., Majimbi, M., Gopalasingam, G., Rodger, J., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  Experimental Brain Research 237:161-171

Milbourn, H.R.*, Toomey, L.M.*, Gavriel, N., Gray, C.G.G., Gough, A.H., Giacci, M.K., Fitzgerald, M.

2017  |  Discovery Medicine 23(129): 361-369

* equal contribution

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