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Cuprizone feed formulation influences the extent of demyelinating disease pathology

Toomey, L.M., Papini, M., Lins, B., Wright, A.J., Warnock, A., McGonigle, T., Bartlett, C.A., Hellewell, S.C., Anyaegbu, C., and Fitzgerald, M.

In press at Scientific Reports

Toomey, L.M., Bartlett, C.A., Gavriel, N., Majimbi, M., Gopalasingam, G., Rodger, J., & Fitzgerald, M. 2019.

2019  |  Scientific Reports 9(1):1-10

Naidu, P.S.R.*, Gavriel, N.*, Gray, C.G.G.*, Bartlett, C.A., Toomey, L.M., Kretzmann, J.A., Patalwala, D., McGonigle, T., Denham, E., Hee, C., Ho, D., Taylor, N.L., Norret, M., Smith, N., Dunlop, S.A., Iyer, K.S., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11(25): 22085-22095

* equal contribution

Giacci, M.K., Bartlett, C.A., Smith, N.M., Iyer, S., Toomey, L.M., Jiang, H., Guagliardo, P., Kilburn, M.R., Fitzgerald, M.

2018  |  Journal of Neuroscience 38(29): 6491-6504

Warnock, A.*, Toomey, L.M.*, Wright, A.J., Fisher, K., Won, Y., Anyaegbu, C., &  Fitzgerald, M.

2020  |  Journal of Neurotrauma 37(5): 739-769

* equal contribution

Gopalasingam, G., Bartlett, C., McGonigle, T., Majimbi, M., Warnock, A., Ford, A., Gough, A., Toomey, L.M., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 34:1-8

Toomey, L.M., Bartlett, C.A., Majimbi, M., Gopalasingam, G., Rodger, J., & Fitzgerald, M.

2019  |  Experimental Brain Research 237:161-171

Milbourn, H.R.*, Toomey, L.M.*, Gavriel, N., Gray, C.G.G., Gough, A.H., Giacci, M.K., Fitzgerald, M.

2017  |  Discovery Medicine 23(129): 361-369

* equal contribution